Roofing Systems for your Commercial Property

In simplifying your roofing system, it consists of a surface, weatherproofing component, and reinforcing layer. With that said, there are various types of commercial roofing systems, and each requires certain unique processes, materials, and expertise to install and maintain them.

Houston Commercial Roofing Contractors is certified to repair, replace and install metal roofs, TPO, PVC, EPDM, and modified bitumen by most major roofing manufacturers. Our expertise, familiarity, and knowledge of the most common roofing systems is outlined and detailed below.

The Main Types of Commercial Roof Systems

Whether your property or building structure is new or old, large or small, sloped or flat, our team of Houston roofing contractors has the knowledge and experience to service any of these types of commercial roofs.

TPO Single Ply

In the single-ply category, TPO roofing systems are a popular and fast growing commercial membrane solutions. Its reflectivity and damage resistance make it versatile and in continuous high demand.

PVC Single Ply

This environmentally friendly single–ply membrane is a very cost-effective roofing solution that is engineered to resist oil, grease, fire and other chemicals. PVC is also easier to install and maintain.

EPDM Single Ply

The long-standing and well deserved reputation of EPDM can be attributed to its outstanding thermal durability, ability to experience wide temperature fluctuations, and its being environmentally friendly.

Metal Roof

When installed properly, metal roofs are appealing for their low maintenance, durability, and visual aesthetics. These sustainable roofing systems, when maintained properly, are known to last 40 years or more.

Modified Bitumen (Asphalt)

Modified Bitumen is a flexible product that performs for its smaller footprint structures that have a high density of service equipment, or one that experiences heavy-traffic. Multi-layered installations are ideal with this product.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

Reinforced built-up roofing significantly strengthens low-slope roofs, providing great performance and protection in extreme weather conditions. An added benefit is that it can reduce energy bills when installed properly.

Elastomeric Coating

This versatile roof coating acts as a moisture protection layer, and is ideal for property owners looking for an affordable means to extend the life of their low-slope roof, or reducing the property’s energy cost.

Master Installers for All National Roofing Manufacturers

We are authorized, certified and approved to install and repair all types of roofing systems. Along with our commitment to provide the highest quality roofing service, we have carefully vetted, and only partner with major manufacturers that provide excellent materials, products, and stellar reputations.

Our product specialists, certified roofers, project managers, and installers have the skill and expertise to execute a seamless roofing project from start to finish. From the type, to the texture and color, we are aware of all the factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing the ideal roof for your business, property, or organization.

Because we possess extensive experience and knowledge of the products we repair and install, we stand behind and guarantee they will withstand the weather conditions that they are intended to. Whether your property needs BUR, PVC, or TPO, we are happy to evaluate and help you in making the best decision for the long-term benefit of property.

Houston Commercial Roofing Contractors stands behind each solution we sell and install. We also guarantee elite craftsmanship and value-engineered roofing solutions. For a new Houston roof you will feel good about, get in touch with us today, and ask about our lifetime labor warranty.

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We believe in using only the best materials, while providing the most competitive prices on roofing systems in Houston, Texas.

Our team of professionals and roofing contractors possess extensive knowledge and experience with all types of property’s and roofs. We enjoy helping customers select the best roofing system that suits your property currently, and in consideration of the future.

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